Twin Cafe Coffee - Beans 250g

Twin Cafe - Sheffield
£7.50 250 g Twin Cafe Coffee - Beans 250g

This is a single origin, shade grown at altitude, bird friendly, hand-picked and processed arabica, grown on a nature reserve where the farmers take pride in the sustainability of the estate using practices that respect their environment.

Our speciality coffee has a SCA score of 86; this dark roast is full bodied, fruity, chocolatey, with hints of caramel flavour and a rich inviting aroma.

Roasted in Sheffield.


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It is wonderful to have such good quality vegetables delivered to the door each week and I am full of admiration for Martin for developing an enterprise which benefits so many people and the land.

— Phillipa and David, Crookesmoor

I love getting home from work to my fruit and veg bag full of fresh, organic produce, the surprise of ingredients has got me perusing my cook books again! Thank you,

— Laura, Heeley

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