Classic Sourdough Large

I Said Bread Bakery
£5.00 ea Classic Sourdough Large

I Said Bread's signature sourdough made using UK-grown stoneground wheat and rye flours. Although made with a larger proportion of ‘white’ flour, stone milling leaves much more of the wholegrain so once sifted this flour is much browner in colour. The final loaf more resembles a wholemeal bread in colour but with the lightness and soft crumb of a tradition white sourdough, but far more delicious!

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I love getting home from work to my fruit and veg bag full of fresh, organic produce, the surprise of ingredients has got me perusing my cook books again! Thank you,

— Laura, Heeley

It is wonderful to have such good quality vegetables delivered to the door each week and I am full of admiration for Martin for developing an enterprise which benefits so many people and the land.

— Phillipa and David, Crookesmoor

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