Classic Sourdough Large

I Said Bread Bakery
£5.00 ea Classic Sourdough Large

I Said Bread's signature sourdough made using UK-grown stoneground wheat and rye flours. Although made with a larger proportion of ‘white’ flour, stone milling leaves much more of the wholegrain so once sifted this flour is much browner in colour. The final loaf more resembles a wholemeal bread in colour but with the lightness and soft crumb of a tradition white sourdough, but far more delicious!

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I love getting home from work to my fruit and veg bag full of fresh, organic produce, the surprise of ingredients has got me perusing my cook books again! Thank you,

— Laura, Heeley

The quality of the produce is fantastic, far better than anything we have previously bought from supermarkets. We love the variety in the veg bags, including being able to try new things.

— Becci & Charles, Malin Bridge

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